If you have the kind of Facebook or Twitter newsfeed that I have, you have likely figured out that March 14, 2015 is pretty darned special. And at 9:26 a.m., there’s even more reason to celebrate. That exact time is the ultimate for us math geeks who are also fond of π. If you write this date and time using only numbers (and strategically placing a decimal point to the right of 3), you get:


And that’s the longest expression of pi we’ve seen in 100 years on Pi Day.

So forget making pies. We here at Math for Grownups are going to be celebrating bigger! And better! From today through midnight on Pi Day (that’s this Saturday, by the way), you’ll have a chance to win great prizes!

π Plates

I’m thrilled to partner with Uncommon Goods, one of my most favorite online retailers for unique gifts and crafts, to offer one lucky winner a set of these clever pie plates. (“i eight sum pi,” they say.)


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Math for Grownups and Math for Writers

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Free Online Learning

And last, but not least, I’ll be offering one person the opportunity to take my new online course, “Stats for Writers,” at no charge.

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In celebration of 3-14 or Pi Day, I bring you 10 interesting facts about the number π.

1. The number π is the world’s most recognizable constant.

2. π is equal to a circle’s circumference divided by its diameter. It is approximately 3.14159, though the number never stops and never repeats.

3. The symbol for pi – the Greek letter, π – has been used for about 250 years.

4. The first 144 digits of π add up to 666 or the mark of the beast. (Math must be evil.)

5. In 2008, a Wiltshire crop circle appeared, representing the first 10 digits of π.

6. The number 360 is at the 359th digit of π. The number of degrees in a circle is 360.

7. Albert Einstein was born on Pi Day in 1879.

8. The sequence 123456 never appears in the first million digits of π. However, 12345 appears eight times and 012345 appears twice.

9. At the Pi Search Page, you can find numbers – like your birthday, zip code, phone number – within the first 200 million digits of π.

10. The reflection the number 3.14 resembles the word PIE.

Happy Pi Day! Do you know any other fun facts about πShare your ideas in the comments section.