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It all started with a phone call from my friend and colleague, Jennifer Lawler. Working as an editor at a small publishing house, she had one question for me: “Would you like to write a math book?”

Would I? Heck yeah!

And so I wrote Math for Grownups, a sometimes funny, always accessible book about the math grownups need to be, well, grown up. To my great delight, people loved it.

I got to thinking. What about the subsets of the grownup group? (That’s an abstract algebra joke, y’all.) I decided to start with Math for Writers: Tell a Better Story, Get Published and Make More Money.

In coming months, I’ll roll out another edition in the Math for… series, so stay tuned. Meantime, if you haven’t checked out Math for Grownups or Math for Writers, what are you waiting for?