So the person who inspired this series on Algebra is my dear friend Michele “Wojo” Wojciechowski – a very funny writer and stand-up comic. In her honor, I thought I’d wrap things up with a post looking at the humorous side of algebra.

When something makes us uncomfortable, we make fun of it. I mean, why not, right? As a first-year teacher, I remember giving a geometry test, on which I asked students to define space. One student wrote: “The final frontier.” And I have to admit that I laughed.

So, whether or not I’ve convinced you that algebra is a useful, everyday skill, at least join me in a little laughter today. And be sure to come back next week, when we start celebrating National Math Awareness Month. (The excitement never ends, does it?)

These next two are great for math teachers, as they demonstrate very common errors that students make.

You have to be a Harry Potter geek to get the next one:

Happy weekend, everyone! Use some algebra and make the world a better place.

Got any math jokes? Feel free to share them in the comments section.

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