If you’re used to a completely different Math for Grownups website, hold up. You’re not in the wrong place. For the last two months (or more?), I’ve been working on a redesign of the site. I wanted something fun, punchy and energizing — kind of how I feel about math. And with my newest book, Math for Writers, hitting Amazon last month, this was a great opportunity.

And it’s not just a new book to celebrate! You’ll notice some really cool additions, plus a few old friends. Here’s a quick run down.

Sections for Writers, Parents, Teachers, and All Grownups

If you fall in one of these categories — and unless you’re a kid, you do! — you can zip right over to see the content I’ve developed just for you. Writers will find great ways to develop their craft and manage their writing. Parents will find tips for growing math-confident kids — without losing their minds. Teachers will find resources they can share with parents and students, including the answer to the age-old question: “When will I ever use this stuff?” At the same time, everyone can learn how math can help us make smarter financial decisions, save time and think about math in a completely different way.

OMG, Quizzes!

I can’t tell you how excited I am to introduce original, interactive quizzes. But before you freak out: There is no timer. There are no grades. No one has to know how you did. And that’s exactly how I wanted it. My goals are pretty simple: Show you what kids are learning at various grade levels, and give you a chance to see what you remember (or don’t). I’ll be adding quizzes over time — hopefully one a week or so. And I’ll add some non-math quizzes too, like “Are You REALLY Math Anxious?”

Coming Soon: Online Learning

If reading a blog or a book is not enough for you, I’m gearing up to offer some very targeted online learning. First up will be courses designed just for writers. Over time, I’ll add courses for parents and others. Through Facebook groups, webinars and “homework,” you’ll have a chance to take a deeper dive into the math that you need — but can’t quite grasp. These aren’t college courses, and you won’t be graded on your assignments. The idea is to give you a little special attention, so you can ask specific questions, gain some confidence and learn a few things. Stay tuned!

Math at Work Monday Is Back!

I know that this is a very popular feature on Math for Grownups, and I’ve got a whole series of greatMath at Work Monday interviews lined up. You’ll meet recycling truck drivers and cancer radiology specialists. And if you have a suggestion of someone I should interview, send me a note. I’m always looking for fresh ideas!

Take a look around. Read my new Math for Grownups Manifesto. And let me know what you think. I’m really looking forward to injecting even more energy into math.

Oh, and if you haven’t received my free gift for you, don’t miss out. Just sign up in the bright yellow box to the right, and you’ll get a free copy of Multiply Your Math Moxie: A Painless Guide to Overcoming Math Anxiety. Get comfortable with math, once and for all.


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