Yeah, I’m a big ol’ math nerd, but everyone has to admit: Ultimate Pi Day is a big deal. It only comes around once a century. So why not celebrate?

Plan an impromptu Pi Day Party

The good folks at Uncommon Goods have some terrific suggestions for a geeky get-together: from serving pizza to opening sodas with a π-shaped bottle opener. P.S. Uncommon Goods has an amazing selection of nerdy and not-so-nerdy gifts and housewares. Plus, the company only stocks products that are environmentally, animal- and human-friendly. Check them out next time you need something special, and click here to sign up for their This Just In newsletter to get inside intel on the newest products!

Enter the Math for Grownups Pi Day Contest!

I’m so excited about Pi Day that I’ve decided to give away five great prizes to five lucky winners. Uncommon Goods has chipped in with a darling Pi-themed plate set. Then there’s the first ever Math for Grownups T-shirt and mug. Of course, I’ll give away one of my books, and the big prize: free admission to my upcoming Stats for Writers online course. Yippee!

So how do you enter the contest? Just click here to get all of the details and enter your name and email. If you already receive my biweekly newsletter, you’re already in entered. Yippee Skippy!

Practice Piphilology

(i.e., memorizing dozens of digits of π)

Retired engineer Akira Haraguchi claims to be the master of piphilology, with 100,000 digits under his belt. How about you?

This Washington Post blog post details some strategies for memorizing pi. Or you can get some tips from this YouTube video:

Share the Pi Day Love

At the very least, tell someone Happy Ultimate Pi Day! Who knows? You could get into an interesting discussion about this very special number, and it’s place in mathematics. And you’ll be a math nerd like me, which is cool these days. (And while you’re at it, let folks know about my contest. Tweet about it! Share on Facebook!)

Whatever you choose to do, just get your greek groove on, shake your booty and celebrate that wonderful special number, π.

Photo Credit: St0rmz via Compfight cc

How do you plan to celebrate Ultimate Pi Day? Share your ideas in the comments section.

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