About Laura Laing

An engaging and knowledgeable interview, Laura Laing has appeared in a variety of media outlets–including radio, newspapers, magazines, blogs and Twitter–talking about a variety of math-related topics. Here are just a few:

Everyday math

Laura has spoken with reporters, radio show hosts, podcasters and bloggers about why grownups need math and how they can get over their fears. Through her interviews and guest blog posts, she shatters myths about the challenges of math.

Parenting and math

Laura offers advice to real, live parents about real, live issues, including incorporating math into a kid’s everyday life, preventing and coping with math anxiety and problems with homework and numeracy.

Financial literacy, business and math

From grocery shopping to saving for retirement, Laura can offer practical math tips on how to stay (or get) fiscally responsible. She can also speak to how numeracy is useful in maintaining financial stability. And she teaches grownups how their own math anxiety might be getting in the way of a balanced checkbook and zero debt.

Mathematics education

Is algebra necessary? How can a child avoid math anxiety? What is the best way for a parent to support math education? What on earth are kids learning in the classroom these days? Laura can speak to some of the hottest math education topics out there today.

Math and writing

A freelance writer and journalist, Laura is passionate about getting the math right in the press. She has offered math advice to freelance writers and authors in a variety of settings, from blogs to Twitter chats to in-person, live events.

To schedule an interview or a radio/television appearanceemail Laura directly. The Math for Grownups YouTube channel features clips of Laura’s speaking engagements.

About Math for Writers

With degrees in English or journalism, many writers lack the basic math skills they need to report stories based in numbers or statistical analysis. And that’s a big problem. With a world obsessed with Big Data, today’s writers must be able to manage basic math and statistics with ease — from finding percentage change to reading a scientific study. 

Math for Writers offers writers the background that they need to confidently approach numbers with ease. With accessible examples and clear step-by-step instructions, Laura Laing walks even the most reticent readers through basic math and statistics — including important calculations for authors and self-employed freelancers.

Math for Writers is a must-read for any new or seasoned writer, journalist or blogger.

Email to request a review copy.

About Math for Grownups

For generations, math education has been about worksheets, timed drills and word problems about cantaloupes. No wonder grownups don’t know how to find a restaurant tip or figure out how much compost to order for a garden. Math for Grownups fills in those gaps. Thanks to entertaining examples that apply to grownups’ everyday lives, readers relearn the math they forgot — or never learned.

Written specifically for the math averse, Math for Grownups is accessible and easy to understand.

To request a review copy, send an email with title, publication month and ISBN to [email protected] (Math for Grownups, July 2011, 978-1440512636)