Today, thanks to Jennifer Lawler, you’ll get a sneak peek inside Math for Writers, with an excerpt about self-publishing.

From Jennifer:

My buddy Laura Laing is kindly allowing me to run this excerpt from her book for writers:Math for Writers: Tell a Better Story, Get Published, Make More Money. 

I’ve known Laura for years as a colleague, and I had the opportunity to work with her on her first math book (Math for Grownups), which is how I learned to stop hating math. Laura is a fabulous teacher and she’s the reason why I didn’t quail when I had to factor some quadratic equations for a project I’m working on (I kid you not. You have no idea the weird and random projects that land on my desk.)  I knew I could do it because she taught me to have more confidence, and to recognize that there are usually many ways to solve a problem.

Anyway, I’m pleased to offer this excerpt, which will help you  figure out how to calculate the numbers involved in self-publishing.

Going It Alone: The Math of Self-Publishing

Jennifer Lawler is the author or coauthor of more than forty books, mostly nonfiction, including her popular and award-winning Dojo Wisdom series (Penguin). She has written a number of romances under three pen names.

She works as a book development editor and has taught classes on how to write a book proposal for many years. A number of her students have gone on to land publishing deals. She has also worked as a literary agent and as an acquisitions editor, giving her considerable experience on both sides of the publishing process.

She earned her Ph.D in medieval English literature from the University of Kansas and a black belt in Taekwondo at approximately the same time. She has not quite decided which has been more useful.

I heartily recommend Jennifer’s newest offering: Finish Your Book Bootcamp ecourse. If you have half a manuscript and are not sure how to get it finished, this is the course for you. Jennifer has the perfect mixture of kind encouragement and solid, market-tested feedback. I know that for a fact, because she edited both of my books!

I really want you to join me. Really, I do.

So much so, that I’m offering a special gift to those who come along for the ride. Just visit my guest posts to learn how to to claim your gifts.

So, let’s hit the road!

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