Today, I’m hanging out with Marcia Layton Turner and Sandra Beckwith, founders of www.informationproductsforwriters.comNot sure what an information product is? Let me help you out there.

If you have a great bit of information that others in your field value, you can develop an information product that features this valuable information and either give it away (to build your email list) or sell it. Information products run the gamut from e-books to case studies to apps. But personally, I find spreadsheets to be the hottest information products out there. Unlike other documents, spreadsheets are dynamic. With the right mix, they can be pure gold.

Get the details on Marcia and Sandy’s site. (Click on the headline below.)

Create a Spreadsheet-Based Information Product

Sandra Beckwith is a national award-winning former publicist who now teaches authors how to promote, publicize, and market their books. Get tips and how-to information in her free Build Book Buzz e-newsletter at Connect with her on TwitterGoogle+LinkedIn, and Facebook.

Marcia Layton Turner is a bestselling author and founder of the Association of Ghostwriters. Learn more at Together with Sandy Beckwith, she shares tips and guidance on creating and selling information products at

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