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There may be no more confusing place for math than with credit and debt — and there may be no more important place for A+ math skills than with your money.  That’s why I was asked to guest post at’s News+Advice blog today.

In my post, I discuss three ways that having some math skills — and a little dose of confidence — can help you make better decisions about what you owe and how you’ll pay it off.

Please join me at, and ask your questions there or in the comments section here!

Math for Grownups: A Simple Approach to Your Debt and Finances

By the way, would you like me to guest post at your blog?  Or do you know of a blog that I would fit right in with? I’ve got lots of ideas to share with anyone who will listen! And I promise I’m a good guest.  I wipe out the sink after I brush my teeth and don’t mind if the cat sleeps on my pillow.  Get the details here.  

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